full set photo with separate boots and terminals

“My Boots and Terminals aren’t attached!”

You’ve ordered your spark plug wire set. That’s awesome! We wrapped it up real nice, shipped it out, and now it’s on your doorstep. You grab the package, eyes glittering with excitement and anticipation. You tear into the package like a wild animal—after all, you’ve been waiting years to get this vehicle running again—and notice something odd: the boots and terminals are separate.

“Why are my boots separate?” you ask.

It’s not a mistake, we promise! Sometimes you install the wires by running them through a conduit in your vehicle that the boots won’t fit through it. Hence, the boots are separately bagged. You are more than welcome to install the boots before you install the wires in these cases, but we don’t recommend it.

“And the terminals?”

We sell some semi-tailored sets, meaning that they are long enough for you to trim them down if necessary but still have all the proper parts for your application. If we pre-install the terminals, it becomes much harder (or impossible) reinstall them after you trim them off. That makes sense, right? If the terminals aren’t attached, then what are the boots supposed to protect? You get the idea. The boots and terminals are separate.

We don’t sell the tools to crimp terminals. Oftentimes, you can do it by hand. Please be careful not to damage the wire or terminal if you decide to use tools not specific to this process.

“But how do I know?”

It’s in the photos! If you look at a wire set on our website and the photos show the boots and terminals separate, that’s how we package and ship the item as well. Make sure that you check the photos before you order, and if you have questions afterward.


If you order an item and it doesn’t match the photos or you have other questions, please contact us!

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