Our Commitment To Personal Service Is Our Guarantee.

We provide personal customer service to support the proper use and maintenance of each part purchased from The Brillman Company. Parts are used differently and offer specific functionality. Warranties are not universal. Warranties are matched directly to the part. Warranty protocol requires that you contact us if you suspect a manufacturing defect. We are available during business hours to address your concerns. Our terms and conditions apply.

The Brillman Company Provides Technical Support After Purchase.

We are available for and happy to support your decision making and part selection before you purchase. When you purchase parts from The Brillman Company, you receive world-class technical support. Our people are experts at antique tractor and automotive restoration. Contact us with any technical questions including application, installation, functionality, and troubleshooting. When you purchase from The Brillman Company, you get more than the parts you need, you also get the support you want.

Ready For More Information?

Check out our FAQs for quick answers to commonly asked questions. For product-specific information, download our PDF catalog for the full list of our products. You can also take a look at our online products organized into categories including: