Buy Quality American-Made Electronic Ignition Kits For More Horsepower And Better Fuel Economy.

We provide the best electronic ignition conversion kits to give you the spark when your engine needs it with out the hassle of maintenance on your points and condenser. These systems are used to replace the contact point and condenser assembly in a distributor. Electronic ignition systems improve spark plug quality with better control of the coil output. Pairing with an upgraded higher voltage coil will improve engine performance and gain faster starts, more horse power & better fuel economy in the process.

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Our mission is to provide quality American-made wiring solutions for the worldwide antique tractor and automotive restoration community. Our people answer the phone ready to help you make decisions an order the right parts during business hours. Our daily shipping delivers parts worldwide at competitive shipping rates. Our product warranties vary with the products, and terms and conditions apply. If you have a need or concern, just give us a call and we are happy to support your successful antique tractor or automotive restoration.

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The Brillman Company provides an updated catalog for your free download to give you a greater range of products to purchase from us. Take a look at our ever-growing collection of quality wiring harnesses, battery cables, spark plug wires, and ignition/electrical parts that we make in our Virginia facility or stock for your convenience. We send our wholesalers free printed catalog when we update it annually.

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for fast answers to common questions. During business hours, we are available to provide expert assistance in finding the right parts for your restoration. We manufacture our products on site and with original processes to ensure quality parts for your restoration. Some materials that we are able to modernize for added durability allow for upgraded parts that improve performance but maintain the antique look.

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