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Calling for Support? Here’s Some Useful Information to Have Ready!

We’ve been there – you get a fancy new wire harness in the mail and darn it; you just can’t seem to get the wires to line up. Or, maybe you got them all to line up, but the engine won’t start. Perhaps you just want to know where your order is, or become a wholesaler, so you decide to give us a call – and we’ve got a checklist of useful information to have ready so that your call goes as smoothly as possible.

We’re always more than happy to take calls. It’s part of what we do. The thing is, our technicians are busy people – and they have a lot of work to do outside of answering questions from callers. There are emails to answer, and harnesses to build, and magnetos to rebuild, machines to fix… you get the idea.

When you decide to call for support, the process goes much smoother if you have the right information on-hand. Calling about an order? Have your name or order number ready. Asking about an item you bought? The item number from our product catalog goes a long way.


Here’s some useful information to have ready when you call:

For Parts and Support:

  • Vehicle type, make, model, and year
    • Late model vs. Early model (if applicable)
    • Vehicle Serial Number
  • Part numbers for items you’re looking to replace (a distributor number, magneto number, etc.).
  • Our catalog numbers for parts you’d like to order
    • ex. B3024-159 — most of them will be in this format, but we do have some parts that follow a different naming pattern.
  • Voltage (6v or 12v)
  • Positive or Negative Ground
  • Original build or Modified build
    • Alternator or generator
      • Furthermore, what type of alternator (1-Wire vs. 3-Wire)
        • Not sure how many wires on your alternator? If you have a charge indicator light, it’s 3-wire. If you have an ammeter, it’s 1-wire.
  • Whether or not the vehicle has electronic ignition
  • Whether or not the vehicle has lights and what type
  • Your contact info, in the case that you’d like to reorder a part you’d gotten from us before


To Check the Status of an Order:

  • Your order number(s)
  • Your order date(s)
  • The name on the order (Whether it was personal or for a company)
  • The address and contact information used for the order(s)


About Becoming a Wholesaler

  • A signed state tax exemption form, OR
  • An email/mailing address for us to send one to so that you can sign it and send it back


You are not going to need all of this information every time. It’s good to have it all written down so that it’s readily available when the technician asks for it. The recommended info above is based on the most common questions that we ask customers when they call in for support. Having this checklist ready before you call streamlines the process immensely, and makes it easier for the rest of our team to help you as well so that our techs are free to keep doing their magic.