We Supply Top-Quality Voltage Regulators and Cutouts.

Our voltage regulators allow the generator or alternator to make correct power output to maintain the proper voltage level needed without creating improper voltage and damaging the electrical system. Our cutout relays or “reverse current relays” are used with generator systems to prevent the battery from draining once the generator is turned off.

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Our mission is to provide quality American-made wiring solutions for the worldwide antique tractor and automotive restoration community. The Brillman Company believes in quality antique restorations and we personally help you select the right combination of our 10,000 products for the best solution. We ship worldwide at competitive shipping rates to keep your bottom line where you want it. Shop confidently with product warranties. Terms and conditions apply. During our business hours, our people are available to answer your questions and resolve any concerns.

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Our print catalog features 10,000 products for sound electrical and wiring of antique tractor and automotive restorations. We update our catalog annually, adding to our ever-growing collection of quality, American-made wiring harnesses, voltage regulators and cutouts, battery cables, spark plug wires, and ignition/electrical parts. Our Virginia facility houses our production shop and stock for complete solutions. We provide our wholesalers a hard copy of our catalog upon publication every year.

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For Frequently Asked Questions with quick answers to common questions, we supply a short list. When you need advice and support with your order, contact us. During our business hours, our people speak with you personally.

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