The Brillman Company Produces Versatile Starter Switches And Solenoids.

Our starter switches are used to replace those on starters used on the various platforms we support. The starter switches are either mechanical or push button depending on the application or some starters utilize a solenoid to engage the starter.

Have Confidence In Your Restoration Part Purchase With Personal Customer Service, Worldwide Shipping, And Limited Warranties.

The Brillman Company supplies all those hard-to-find antique wiring parts and the ones that complement them for a complete restoration solution. Our mission is to provide quality American-made wiring solutions for the worldwide antique tractor and automotive restoration community. We are committed to personal customer service and extensive parts production to meet your restoration wiring needs across applications. Our daily worldwide shipping at competitive shipping rates helps you get the parts you need to be operational. Product warranties vary, and terms and conditions apply.

Our Catalog Has 10,000 Products To Wire Any Restoration.

We update our catalog regularly to bring you complete wiring solutions for your antique tractor and automotive restorations. Our ever-growing collection of quality wiring harnesses, battery cables, spark plug wire sets, and ignition/electrical parts are made in our Virginia facility or stocked for your convenience. We send complimentary hard copies of each edition of our catalog to our wholesalers.

Got Restoration Product Questions? Check With Us For Answers!

We post our Frequently Asked Questions with quick answers for at-a-glance information. Our people are available to help with restoration decisions around selecting parts and placing orders. We use original fabrication methods for the parts we produce in our Virginia facility to deliver authentic wiring for restorations. When it doesn’t affect the integrity of the wiring, we upgrade to modern materials and design to improve performance and durability.

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