An 8-cylinder spark plug wire set with straight terminals on each end and the boots shipped loose.

Custom Cables: Not As Scary As You Think!

Want custom cables and don’t know where to start? We can help! We make all of our battery cables and spark plug wires in-house as they’re ordered, which makes putting a custom set together a breeze!

What Do I Need for my Custom Cables?

To start with, you will need to know:

  • What gauge
  • What ends you want
    • If terminals, what type/polarity?
    • If lugs, what size?
    • Do you want a flag? Which way do you want it bent?
  • The length(s) of your wires/cables, center to center of your terminals
  • Whether or not you’d like armor (for battery cables)
    • Armor length
    • Armor starting point
  • Color or Material

Okay, Now What?

Once you have all of your order info ready, contact us through phone, email, or the web form! If you use email or the form, please include all of the order information as well as your contact information. This is where we recommend asking for a quote if you’re interested in one. We’ll address any initial concerns we have about your custom set here.

Next, one of us will write up your order using one of our custom cable order forms. We review your order one more time to make sure everything checks out, and then we send the paperwork out to the manufacturing team! It takes about a day for the order to make its way through the shop. If we already have a payment method on file, the order is then brought back to shipping and mailed out. If not, the order comes back to the main office after final inspection and one of us gives you a call to collect final payment. Finally, we carry back to shipping to start the final leg of its journey to you! We send a tracking number to the email address you provided for the order when it ships.

That Sounds Easy!

We’re glad you think so! We did our best to streamline our process so that it was approachable and accessible. Our team also works faster and more accurately when we standardize the process for simplicity. If you can think of any other ways that we can improve this process, please let us know either on here through a comment, over the phone, in an email, or even on Facebook and Instagram! We’re always open to new ideas and suggestions!

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