Brillman Catalog 2022 Version Cover for product photo

The Brillman Company 2022 Catalog


Looking for our 2022 catalog? You’re in luck! The 2022 Brillman Company Catalogs are here!

The new catalog has 687 pages of electrical parts for your antique agricultural needs. First, we’ve pared our catalog down from over 800 pages to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Next, we’ve updated the pricing on some of our products, made some clarifications and adjusted product descriptions based on customer feedback. Also, we updated/added some product photos, and double-checked the vehicle compatibilities and part replacements on several products as well! Our team put a lot of work into the 2022 catalog, and we’re so excited to finally have them in our hands!

Finally, special thanks to Patrick Shepherd for letting us photograph his tractors to use on our front cover. We’re ecstatic with how everything turned out! If you’d like us to feature your vehicle, send us a message with your contact info and a photo of your equipment! From there we’ll make sure that we’ve credited everything correctly and get written permission to post your photo—and voila! We’ll post your ag equipment for everyone to see and admire! Have questions? Send us a note through our contact form or send us a message on Facebook!


Please note that for catalog covers, you must either:

A) Be local to the Mount Jackson VA area


B) Be able to travel with your implements to the Mount Jackson VA area, as we have a professional photographer take our catalog cover photos.


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