The Brillman Company specializes in building electrical parts for antique tractors, trucks, and automobiles. We ship orders worldwide, making wire harnesses, battery cables, and spark plug wire sets in our manufacturing facilities in Mount Jackson, VA. This position would be aimed at someone with experience in the manufacturing industry with strong time management skills. This position would function similar to a manufacturing specialist with the added responsibility of scheduling, managing inventory, and troubleshooting logistical issues. Ideally, a candidate will have some experience in electrical components and/or manufacturing operations.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Building and testing wire harnesses, spark plug wire sets, and battery cables
  • Monitoring machinery as it is running
  • Scheduling manufacturing jobs and coordinating to finish projects on time
  • Managing inventory and alerting management to purchasing needs
  • Troubleshooting logistical issues related to manufacturing Requirements
  • Ability to read and use a tape measure
  • Ability to use applicable tools (wire strippers & crimpers, solder iron, heat gun) for manufacturing wiring harnesses
  • Ability to comprehend instruction sheets and templates for harness manufacturing •
  • Management experience preferred
  • Experience with scheduling, problem-solving, and troubleshooting issues
  • Manufacturing and mechanical experience


Pay is negotiable based on relevant and related experience


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