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  • Minneapolis Moline Z.T.E., I, N, S, U, and X Spark Plug Wire Set, Original 7mm Cotton Braid Wire (Copper Core), full set photo

    Minneapolis Moline ZTE, ZTI, ZTN, ZTS, ZTU, ZTX Spark Plug Wire Set

  • Full set photo

    1940-1950 (6 Cyl.) Oldsmobile Spark Plug Wire Set

  • wire harness

    Allis Chalmers 180 Diesel Complete Wire Harness

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    1930-1931 Oakland Spark Plug Wire Set (Modern Cap)

  • Full set photo

    Hercules QXD-3 Spark Plug Wire Set

  • spark plug wire set

    IHC TD14A, UD14A, UD370 Spark Plug Wire Set

  • Full set photo

    1949-1951 Lincoln Automobile Spark Plug Wire Set

  • Full set photo

    Caterpillar 15 Spark Plug Wire Set



  • 1922 Cleveland Switch-to-Starter Cable

  • 1922 Cleveland Positive Battery Cable

  • 1922 Cleveland Negative Battery Cable

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    12-Volt Positive Ground Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit

  • full harness photo

    John Deere 50 Row Crop (Up to Serial #5016057) Complete Wire Harness (1-Wire Alternator)

  • full harness photo

    Farmall 200 Wire Harness (10SI / 3-Wire Alternator)



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